Shared Sms inbox for growing Teams

Improve your sales by managing your customers easily via Sms in a shared inbox environment.

Sms Integrations

Sms Shared Inbox in Chatmaxima

An Sms Inbox is similar to an email inbox. All your customer messages go there, and you respond from that central location. However, an Sms inbox typically resides on a single phone, limiting responses to one person.

Incoming Sms Messages

An Sms Shared Inbox receives messages from all your customers. It acts as a central hub for all incoming Sms communication.

Team Collaboration

Your team members can work together to respond to these messages. No more reliance on a single phone – everyone can participate.

Setting Up an Sms Shared Inbox

Create a Chatmaxima account. Navigate to channel settings and add an Sms channel. Connect Chatmaxima to Twilio (a telephony provider) for Sms handling.

Benefits of Sms Shared Inbox

A shared inbox is a collaborative team inbox that enables your entire team to handle customer interactions across WhatsApp, live chat, and various social media platforms—all from a single dashboard. These shared inboxes streamline customer support management for your business.

Chatmaxima offers several valuable features for managing shared inboxes:

Private Notes Add internal notes visible only to team members.

Assign Conversations Allocate specific conversations to team mates.

Canned Responses Maintain a consistent voice with pre-prepared responses.

Categorize ConversationsOrganize discussions using labels.

Consolidated History Access customer communication history across all channels.

Analyze Trends Use reporting data for informed decision-making.