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Engage with your customers wherever they are.

Business Messaging is the new email. ChatMaxima's all-in-one omnichannel messaging platform helps your marketing, sales and customer teams to connect with your customers effortlessly. Simple, easy to use platform to generate more leads, more sales and build strong customer relationships.

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Tired of switching among different messaging channels?

Bring together all your customer communication in one place. A centralized chat environment where you can find all customers from different messaging channels.

Easy channeling of customer queries to the right team

Group your agents into teams. Automatically channel your customer queries to the right team. Efficient team management. Chat with team members within conversations. Tag & Label conversations for better grouping, tracking and search.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger with ChatMaxima in less than 5 minutes. Simple and easy integration.

Find the right chat strategy via Statistics

You can only improve what you can measure. Get actionable insights around performance of your agents, message queries and volume.

hero - Shared Inbox helps your business by providing a platform where you can collectively manage your clients and agents.

By providing your team with , your communication with your clients will be extremely efficient.

Connect with your customers from multiple channels in a single platform.


Get to know about


Communication gets difficult as your clients grow day by day and handling them in different social media platforms can be a bit challenging.

In order to have seamless communication, helps you to manage your clients and agents in a single area thus making it so easy for conversing with clients from different platforms in a single inbox.

How it works? is a team platform for multiple social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram where you can manage all chats in one place.

All the messages and contacts from multiple platforms gets synchronized and all your agents can communicate and you can manage them easily without any trouble.

How to start with

Do you think it is a big work and requires a lot of technical skills? NO, not at all.

Integration of different social media platforms can be done easily via the step-by-step Intergration Guide.

We made this so easy and simple because we wanted people with no or less technical skills to handle this too.

Give your agents a new communication experience

With a single inbox which holds all the messages from multiple social media platforms, it is easy to assign tasks to your agents.

Agents will be more productive and collaborate within the team without switching multiple apps.

The major advantage here is, once your agents gets connected to, they can just start communicating with the clients instead of taking a lot of time learning the functionalities of the new environment.


Not enough?

Friendly Interface

The user-interface is made in such a way it looks similar to most of the popular social media messengers. We wanted to give you a wonderful chatting experience which is simple, easy and flawless thereby providing you a friendly interface with

Shared Inbox

Communication with customers and agents are made easy by handling all conversations in one place. Easily connect all your communication channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Telegram and talk to your customers from single shared inbox. Communicate internally and resolve customer queries efficiently.

Automated Conversations via Chatbots

Chatbots are efficient in handling basic conversations. Easily integrate with chatbots to reduce the workload of your agents. Conversations can be handovered to the agents whenever necessary.

Send Bulk Messages

You can send bulk messages to the contacts who the agents have communicated prior. Each agents will have a separate client base. Therefore it is easy to communicate or make a campaign to those contacts through bulk messages. You can also customise this sender list.

Collaborate with Team Members

When a team member needs help regarding a query he’s been handling, he can just tag, assign or chat with other team members within the inboxvia private notes. He can also send the conversation screenshot to the Agent group so that any other member in the group can help.

Faster Response Time

Everyone loves fast replies. Quick responses helps to build your brand reputation. Reply to your customers quicky without missing any messages using canned responses. This makes your clients visit you more often because your competitor brand may take more time to respond.

Making it more easy with Templates

For quick communication, you can use template messages. This is very useful in saving a lot of time. Hereafter you don’t have to type those long messages anymore thus making it easy for common queries to be answered.

Easy and Quick Intergration

The integration of different platforms are so easy as we provide you with step by step instructions to integrate all social media platforms and the integration is one time thing, so once intergrated you can start communicating seamlessly.

and even more

Affordable Prices

Our No-hassle, Multi-tier subscriptions plans allows you to choose the plans depends on your requirement. Our Plans starts from $29 / month and you can cancel anytime, with no questions asked and without any cancellation fee.

Performance Measure

Reports are one good feature were you can measure the performance of your team and individual agents. Our reports are made in such a way that they are coherent. The graphical representation of the data makes it so easy to understand and quick to analyse.

Better agent experience

We provide many wonderful features for seamless communication experience. Also provided with an excellent conversing environment and user friendly interface, the productivity of the agents will become considerably high.

Dedicated Support

We care about Reliability. We care about the Details. We care about You. Your satisfaction is our priority and we take pride in our work. offers dedicated support for all customers through Email and Live Chat.


ChatMaxima is a collaborative team inbox that allows your entire team to respond to your clients. ChatMaxima makes it easy and efficient in managing the client support for your business.

When you have a lot of customer queries to answer regardless of which messaging apps they come from, ChatMaxima is the best option for you. Provide instantaneous support to your customers directly on their favorite messaging apps.

Your team members will be given separate login credentials. Once they are logged in, they can start communicating with the clients. When a team member is having any doubts related to a client query, he can even ask help in a group which is made specially for the team members or he can just send a private message to a team member while he is still in the client's chat.

Messages from different messaging channels are being dropped into a single shared inbox. The messages in turn are assigned to each team member or simply any team member can start answering to the client’s messages.

When there is a lot of members in your team and your team recieves a lot of messages daily, then ChatMaxima is a good fit for your team. These following teams find ChatMaxima useful:

Customer Support Team: The customer queries are being dropped in the inbox and each team member will answer a query.

Sales Team: Every sales is important. Therefore you can’t miss anyone by replying to your client query late. Any team member can collaborate with another regarding price, offer and other details.

HR Team: Do you have a separate contact number to receive job applications and to schedule interviews? Then ChatMaxima helps to answer all the messages and manage interview schedule in a single inbox.

Finance Team: Accounting, billing and approvals all can be done in a single inbox. Easy and simple to manage.

Your team will love the experience of ChatMaxima as we provide a user friendly environment and it increases the productivity of your team members by efficiently sharing the work load. The allocation time for the task is also minimised when compared to other previous methods. Also there will be no duplicate works.

When multiple team members handle the same messaging account there are chances of missing some chats without responding and in this system assigning each chat to a team member is tough and it takes time. Also there will be security issues. But ChatMaxima provides separate login credentials and the team members can directly start communicating once they are onboard.

ChatMaxima allows you to integrate all the famous messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and also Livechat.

Yes, you get a free trial for a period of 7 days. Sign up, invite your team members and use. No credit card required.

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