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ChatMaxima is a collaborative team inbox that allows your entire team to respond to your clients. ChatMaxima makes it easy and efficient in managing the client support for your business.

When you have a lot of customer queries to answer regardless of which messaging apps they come from, ChatMaxima is the best option for you. Provide instantaneous support to your customers directly on their favorite messaging apps.

Your team members will be given separate login credentials. Once they are logged in, they can start communicating with the clients. When a team member is having any doubts related to a client query, he can even ask help in a group which is made specially for the team members or he can just send a private message to a team member while he is still in the client's chat.

Messages from different messaging channels are being dropped into a single shared inbox. The messages in turn are assigned to each team member or simply any team member can start answering to the client’s messages.

When there is a lot of members in your team and your team recieves a lot of messages daily, then ChatMaxima is a good fit for your team. These following teams find ChatMaxima useful:

Customer Support Team: The customer queries are being dropped in the inbox and each team member will answer a query.

Sales Team: Every sales is important. Therefore you can’t miss anyone by replying to your client query late. Any team member can collaborate with another regarding price, offer and other details.

HR Team: Do you have a separate contact number to receive job applications and to schedule interviews? Then ChatMaxima helps to answer all the messages and manage interview schedule in a single inbox.

Finance Team: Accounting, billing and approvals all can be done in a single inbox. Easy and simple to manage.

Your team will love the experience of ChatMaxima as we provide a user friendly environment and it increases the productivity of your team members by efficiently sharing the work load. The allocation time for the task is also minimised when compared to other previous methods. Also there will be no duplicate works.

When multiple team members handle the same messaging account there are chances of missing some chats without responding and in this system assigning each chat to a team member is tough and it takes time. Also there will be security issues. But ChatMaxima provides separate login credentials and the team members can directly start communicating once they are onboard.

ChatMaxima allows you to integrate all the famous messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and also Livechat.

Yes, you get a free trial for a period of 7 days. Sign up, invite your team members and use. No credit card required.