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LiveChat Widget for quick resolution!

Need for LiveChat

Customer Service plays a crucial role in building a sustainable business. In order to improve customer satisfaction we provide you with the free LiveChat software. It is said that the customer satisfaction is greater in LiveChat conversation than in other modes of communications like email and phone.

LiveChat helps to increase the sales as it provides the customers a platform to communicate in real time. Also the ability to talk to agents while purchasing makes it even more comfortable for the customers thereby increasing the sales.

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Other Benefits:

Instantly connect customers to agents.

Negligible waiting time.

Quick customer query resolution.

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Customize LiveChat

Create convenient and apt LiveChat to your website by customizing the LiveChat the way you want by changing the color, position, icon style and much more.

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Visitor Data

Collect the important information from a LiveChat customer while chatting with them and store these data under their name. This will be helpful.

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LiveChat chatbot

Build advanced chatbot scenarios to automate your customer onboarding.

Create chatbot scenarios to automate conversations with customers when they first initiate the chat.

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