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Shared Whatsapp inbox for growing Teams

Improve your sales by managing your customers easily via Whatsapp in a shared inbox environment.

Extend your support to the customers who communicate via Whatsapp !

Whatsapp Integration Modes

In order to connect your Whatsapp to ChatMaxima, you can either use the QR code scan method or by using a Twilio number.

In the former method just scan your Whatsapp QR code and start communicating with your customers.

In the later method get a Twilio Whatsapp number and connect it with ChatMaxima.

Integrating Whatsapp via QR code

The simple way to integrate is by entering your Whatsapp number in the integration settings and a QR code will be generated.

Now by scanning the generated QR code from your mobile, integrate your Whatsapp to the shared inbox.

Once integrated with ChatMaxima, send your Whatsapp link to your customers.

Integrating Whatsapp via Twilio number

To integrate a Twilio Whastapp number, first create a Twilio account.

Use the Account SID and Auth Token from Twilio Dashboard in the ChatMaxima integration settings.

Then set the webhooks and call back URL in Twilio Whatsapp Sandbox Settings.

Whatsapp Shared Inbox

On successful integration, share your Whatsapp link with your customers.

Now all the messages from your customers through Whatsapp will automatically appear in the shared Whatsapp inbox.

Connect as many as bots with ChatMaxima and converse with your clients from the shared inbox.