Shared Whatsapp inbox for growing Teams

Improve your sales by managing your customers easily via Whatsapp in a shared inbox environment.

Whatsapp Integration

Optimizing Communication with WhatsApp Shared Inboxes

Explore the various aspects of utilizing WhatsApp shared inboxes for business communication. From setting up a collaborative environment to maximizing efficiency and customer support, this collection of guides provides comprehensive insights into leveraging WhatsApp for streamlined communication within your team.

Master WhatsApp Shared Inboxes for Business Success

Dive into the world of WhatsApp shared inboxes! Discover how this collaborative tool streamlines communication, boosts efficiency, and enhances customer support for your business. From seamless team collaboration to centralized communication, explore the benefits and learn how to set up your own shared inbox

Getting Started With a Shared WhatsApp Inbox

Ready to revolutionize your customer support? Explore the power of Shared WhatsApp inboxes. Learn how your entire team can respond to customers across WhatsApp, live chat, and social media channels—all from a single dashboard. Efficiency, transparency, and teamwork await.

The Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Team Inbox for Businesses

It’s free! Wondering if a WhatsApp team inbox is the solution for your business? Delve into this comprehensive guide. From communication streamlining to efficiency boosters, discover how this tool can transform your customer interactions. Get started today!

Shared WhatsApp inbox for growing teams, adapted for Chatmaxima:

A shared WhatsApp inbox is a collaborative team inbox that enables your entire team to handle customer interactions across WhatsApp, live chat, and various social media platforms—all from a single dashboard. These shared inboxes streamline customer support management for your business.

Chatmaxima offers several valuable features for managing shared inboxes:

Multiple WhatsApp Business API Numbers: Easily manage multiple WhatsApp numbers for your business.

Integration with Various Platforms: Seamlessly connect with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even emails.

Multi-Store Inboxes: Keep customer conversations separate for different stores you own.

Team Management: Monitor who is handling which conversations within your team.

In-App Collaboration: Enable private messages and ticket assignments for efficient team communication without leaving the app.

Fast Reply Templates: Accelerate responses to common queries.

WhatsApp shared inbox is and why it's advantageous for your business

A WhatsApp shared inbox is a collaborative space where your team can collectively manage customer interactions across WhatsApp, live chat, and various social media channels. It consolidates all incoming messages from your business accounts into a single interface, making it easier to prioritize and assign agents to handle specific customers. Here's why you should consider using a WhatsApp shared inbox

Improved Team Collaboration:

With a shared inbox, your team collaborates seamlessly. No more forwarding messages or monitoring multiple communication channels. The shared interface ensures a cohesive and efficient customer experience.

Centralized Communication:

Say goodbye to switching between different accounts and chat threads. The WhatsApp shared inbox centralizes all conversations, ensuring your team doesn't miss critical messages and responds promptly.

Enhanced Customer Service:

Customers appreciate quick and coherent responses. A shared inbox allows your team to manage queries collectively. If one agent needs additional information, another can add it as a note within the chat. This improves response times and customer satisfaction.


As your business grows, so does the influx of messages. A shared inbox scales effectively, allowing your team to manage increased communication. Tagging features help group similar queries, enabling efficient handling based on expertise.

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Can multiple team members use a Shared Inbox to respond?
“Certainly! Just like any email inbox, a shared WhatsApp Inbox allows multiple team members or support agents to engage in WhatsApp conversations with customers simultaneously. It's a collaborative space where your team can work together efficiently to address customer queries and provide timely responses. 😊📱
Can I assign tasks to team members within the Shared Inbox?
Certainly! Within the Shared Inbox, you have the capability to assign tasks to team members. This functionality enables you to delegate specific customer queries or follow-ups to individual team members, ensuring efficient management and timely resolution. 😊👥📌