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Ominichat platform for Agencies

Improve your sales by managing your customers easily via in a shared inbox environment.

Get high ROI with Shared Inbox for Agencies

Expand your agency with ChatMaxima’s Shared Inbox

Bring all your client conversations in one inbox and reply to your clients wherever they are.

Provide client support 24/7.

Multi agent access.

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One stop solutions to all your clients’ needs

A unified environment to perform all the marketing and campaign.

Prompt automated replies to all client queries.

Easy segmentation of audience and performing campaigns accordingly.

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Hassle-free environment for agents

Group your agent into teams.

Channel the queries from your clients to the right agents.

No more duplicate responses to the same query.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter.

Manage all your client conversations in one place.

No more tiresome switching of different messaging apps.

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Get actionable insights on the performance of your teams and campaigns.

Track response and resolution time of all the queries.

Reports which provide deeper understanding of the current strategy.

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Live Chat Support

Instantly connect with your clients through Live Chat.

Excellent way to converse with whoever visits your website.

Live chat also plays an important role in converting leads to customers.

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