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Customer Engagement through Campaign

Boost your sales and support to your customers by creating and maintaining the best customer relationship. With ChatMaxima you can build personalized conversations with your customers.

Make every interaction count, even the small ones!

Every customer journey is unique

Customer interactions are more important in building a sustainable business.

Build personalized messages for each customer as every customer is unique.

Either use editor to write your message or use the already created templates.

Life Cycle Marketing

Send messages to your customers on different platforms throughout their lifecycle to maintain a good relationship with already existing customers and to earn new customers.

Customize the messages according to different group of customers.

Create automated message sequences in order to maintain a healthy communication with your customers.

Messages based on customer segments

You can add any number of labels to your customer’s contact information.

By this way you can segment your contacts to different groups.

Use this feature to send bulk messages to specific groups of contacts by applying one or more conditions(filters).

Push automated messages

Send messages anytime you want even when you are away from the keyboard.

Automate any message or sequence of messages to a customer or to a segment of customers.

By this way you can be in touch with your customers even when you are sleeping.

Campaign Triggers

The messages you want to send your customers can be either created using an editor or you can use an already created template.

Choose the contacts to whom you want to send the message by applying one or more conditions.

Eg., Condition 1: Data Key(Country) =(Equals) Data value (India) Condition 2: Data Key(Score) >(Greater than) Data value(150)