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Shared Facebook inbox for growing Teams

Improve your sales by managing your customers easily via Facebook in a shared inbox environment.

Extend your support to the customers who communicate via Facebook !

Create Facebook Pages

In order to connect your Facebook to ChatMaxima, a Facebook Page must be created.

Creating a Facebook page is easy and simple.

Once the Facebook page is created, it is easy to integrate it with ChatMaxima.

Integrating Facebook Pages to ChatMaxima

Once the Facebook pages are created, go to the integration settings in ChatMaxima.

Now select the required Facebook pages to connect.

Do not miss out any options, read and check all the options for proper connection.

Facebook Shared Inbox

Share your Facebook pages with your customers.

Now all the messages from your customers through Facebook will automatically appear in the shared Facebook inbox.

Connect as many as Facebook pages with ChatMaxima and converse with your clients from the shared inbox.