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into an AI-Powered Chatbot in Minutes!

Build & Publish your chatbot in seconds with AI and your own data. With the ability to use your own data and AI, you can personalize your chatbot to perfectly fit your business needs. Our easy-to-use interface and intuitive design make building and deploying your chatbot an effortless process. Say goodbye to lengthy development times and skyrocket your customer service with our chatbot builder today!

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Create a Chatbot in 3 steps & Engage More Visitors on Your Site!

Transform any website page into an engaging AI-powered chatbot in minutes without any coding skills with ChatMaxima. Increase engagement, raise customer satisfaction and convert more leads.

Connect your website to our platform

Connect your website to our platform by entering your website URL. Don't worry, we take data privacy and security seriously. All your data is encrypted and kept safe in our platform, ensuring a secure connection between your site and our chatbot.

Choose the pages you want to transform

Select the pages containing the content you want to base your chatbot on, and start training. Our AI algorithm will analyze your website and learn from it in real-time, allowing your chatbot to provide personalized and accurate responses to your customers.

Deploy Your Chatbot

Once the training is complete, copy the code and paste it into your website. Start using your chatbot right away, and let the AI algorithm continue to learn from your website content, ensuring that your chatbot always provides the most relevant and helpful responses to your customers.

Deploy Your Chatbot Everywhere with ChatMaxima's Multi-Platform Solution

Expand your chatbot's reach by deploying it on multiple platforms without the hassle of creating multiple bots. ChatMaxima allows you to easily deploy your existing chatbot to a variety of messaging apps and social media platforms with its sophisticated AI algorithm and powerful integration capabilities. Manage your chatbot's performance across different channels in one place, making it easier to analyze and optimize your chatbot's success. Save time and resources by deploying one bot across multiple platforms with ChatMaxima.

  • One Chatbot, Many Platforms
  • Expand Your Chatbot's Reach
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The Perfect Balance of Chatbot and Human: ChatMaxima's Human in the Loop Interaction

ChatMaxima's "Human in the Loop" interaction ensures that customer queries are always answered, even if the chatbot is not able to provide a precise answer. It offers an easy way for your customers to switch to agent mode by typing /agent whenever they require assistance beyond the capabilities of the chatbot. The interaction keeps your customers satisfied and ensures your business never misses out on a potential customer. The chatbot continues to learn from the conversations between agents and customers, improving the accuracy and relevance of responses over time. ChatMaxima delivers the best possible customer experience, balancing automation and human touch.

  • Empower Your Chatbot with the Human Touch
  • Ensure Smooth Customer Interactions with Hybrid Support Solution
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Connect with Your Customers on Multiple Messaging Platforms

Connect with your customers wherever they are, reaching them through a variety of channels, all from one central platform.

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Communicate Via SMS Anytime

Reach customers anytime, anywhere, and improve your conversion rates.

Converse on WhatsApp Instantly

Increase engagement and conversion through WhatsApp's user-friendly interface.

Engage on Instagram Efficiently

Reach younger audiences and boost your social media presence.

Connect on Messenger Easily

Simplify customer service with the integration capabilities of Facebook Messenger.

Interact on Twitter Instantly

Respond to customer queries quickly with Twitter's real-time messaging feature.

Reach Out on Telegram Securely

Ensure data privacy and security while engaging with customers on Telegram.

Features That Make A Difference
Get ahead of the competition with the innovative features of ChatMaxima. Our no-code platform offers a wide range of features designed to deliver the best customer experience and improve the growth of your business.
No coding required

Effortless bot building

AI for conversation

In-built ChatGPT Support

Best chatbot analytics

Comprehensive performance insights

One-click deployment

Hassle-free bot deployment

Third-party integration

Streamlined data integration

Interactive conversations

Engaging user experience

Live chat handoff

Seamless agent transitions

Customizable UI

Brand-specific chatbots

Advanced security measures

Secure data protection

Affordable pricing options

Flexible payment options

Dedicated support team

Expert technical assistance

Fast Bot Deployment

Quick bot launch

Simple & Straightforward Pricing
Pick the product and choose the right plan for you
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Suitable for Individuals / Small Teams

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  • Create 1 Chatbot
  • 10 Web pages or 1 Documents
  • Supported Platforms:
  • 300
    Conversations / Month
  • 30 days History
  • Public and Private Chatbots
  • Multiple Files Upload
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Remove Powered by ChatMaxima
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$69 $49 / month

Ideal for Small & Mid Agencies

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  • Create 2 Chatbots
  • 100 Web pages or 10 Documents
  • Supported Platforms:
  • 5000
    Conversations / Month
  • Unlimited History
  • Public and Private Chatbots
  • Multiple Files Upload
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Remove Powered by ChatMaxima
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$129 $99 / month

Suitable for growing businesses

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  • Create 5 Chatbots
  • 500 Web pages or 25 Documents
  • Supported Platforms:
  • 15000 Conversations / Month
  • Unlimited History
  • Public and Private Chatbots
  • Multiple Files Upload
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Remove Powered by ChatMaxima
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$349 $299 / month

Ideal for larger organizations

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  • Create 10 Chatbots
  • 3000 Web pages or 100 Documents
  • Supported Platforms:
  • 50000 Conversations / Month
  • Unlimited History
  • Public and Private Chatbots
  • Multiple Files Upload
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Remove Powered by ChatMaxima
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Tailored for complex business needs
Analyze & Unlimited Chatbots & Unlimited Web pages / Documents | Full Historical Data
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Frequently Asked Questions

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ChatMaxima's platform provides an easily customizable, no-code chatbot building experience with integrations with all popular messaging apps and advanced CRM tools for businesses to manage all customer interactions in one place.

Yes, ChatMaxima's platform offers a no-code chatbot builder experience that requires no programming knowledge.

Yes, ChatMaxima offers a free trial period for its services.

You can pay for ChatMaxima's services using major credit cards or PayPal.

Yes, you can cancel your ChatMaxima subscription at any time.

Yes, ChatMaxima provides refunds for cancelled subscriptions within the agreed terms and conditions.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time.

Yes, ChatMaxima's platform follows industry-standard security protocols to ensure the safety of your data.

If your ChatMaxima chatbot encounters an error or any other issues, its support team is available to help you resolve the issue.

Yes, ChatMaxima offers 24/7 customer support for any issues or questions you may have.

Yes, ChatMaxima's platform supports creating chatbots with multiple languages.

The time it takes for your refund to be issued depends on the payment method you used and the terms and conditions of your subscription plan. ChatMaxima will work to process your refund as quickly as possible.