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Shared inbox for growing Teams

Provide delightful customer support on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram from ChatMaxima’s Shared Inbox.

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It’s not just a regular inbox. Much more than you think!

Centralized Chat Environment

Bring together all communications from different messaging channels like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, LiveChat in a unified space. Easily integrate your favorite messaging apps and start messaging without switching among multiple apps.

Effortlessly manage the messages with help of Teams

It is not like sharing one login credential with multiple team members and making a fuss. Each team member will have a separate login. There will be no more unread messages and also there will be no duplicate responses from different team members.

Assigning chats

Easily assign the chats to a specific team member and department. By the rule of divide and conquer, assign all the incoming chats to the right team member and the right department. By this way you can achieve zero unread messages in your inbox.

Labeling for quick reference

For an easy and quick look, it is good to create labels and assign those labels to the chat. This makes it easy for any other agent to make finer progress when the chat is handed over to them.

Email Chat Transcript

The whole conversation with your customer can be acquired and you can either send it to yourself or you can share it among your team members for reference. With one click, the chat transcript is sent to the mentioned email address.

Visitor Data

The visitor data is useful in noting down the details of the customers via LiveChat. This will be useful for the other agents when the conversation is assigned or handed over to them.

Conversation Status

The conversation statuses: Open, Pending, Resolved helps you to know at what stage the conversation is at presently. Even you can filter the incoming messages with th help of conversation status.

Share private notes among your team members

Use Private Notes to add specific notes on a particular chat. You can share your notes with your team members. Private notes will only be visible to the ones who created it and to the team members with whom they have shared, not to the customer.

Set a Reminder

In order to get a reminder of any chat, just select the Reminder tab and by adding a reminder, you will get notified later at the specified time.

Schedule your messages

If you want to send any message on a specific date and time, just enter the message and set the date and time. Your message will automatically be sent on the mentioned date and time.