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Give your team the best CRM tools.

Create and maintain exceptionally well customer relationship with ChatMaxima. Get more customers and turn all your leads into customers and boost your sales like never before with the list of CRM functionalities.

Building good customer experience comes from planned actions!

Customer Data Repository

Once your customers come in contact with you, their contact information automtically gets stored in the Contacts repository.

You can also add extra information while conversing with them.

Turn all the incoming leads to customers by proper actions.

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Segmentation of Customers

When updating customer data you can also add labels to it.

By labeling the contacts it will be easy to segment them when applying filters.

To search or send a broadcast message to a particular group of customers, this will be useful.

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Customer History

It is easy to follow up when you have the history stored to learn about the past events.

Previous chat data is stored and also the important customer information is stored under the customer’s name.

The stored customer data helps in deciding which campaign is suitable and it also helps in enhancing the communication with your customers.

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Live Chat

When a customer reaches your website, it would be excellent if there is someone to guide them through the website.

Live Chat option will help them to the maximum as there will be someone to answer all their queries in real time.

Also the ability to talk to agents while purchasing makes it even more comfortable for the customers thereby increasing the sales.

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